New Connection Procedure

The HESCO has simplified the procedure for installation of new connections specially for general consumers of Domestic and Commercial Tariff. Application forms have also been provided in Urdu. The following documents are required for general connections along with application form.

  • Copy of National Identity Card.
  • Copy of Ownership proof. In case the applicant is not the real Owner, permission from the Owner on a stamp paper along with Ownership proof.
  • Abridged condition of supply duly signed by applicant.


In order to facilitate domestic consumers, Authority decided as under :-

  • New domestic connection charges of Rs. 3000/- (Rupees three thousand only) for single phase meter will be divided into two parts:
  • Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) to be recovered at the time of connection.
  • The remaining amount of Rs. 2700/- (Rupees two thousand seven hundred only) would be recovered in nine equal installments of Rs. 300/- (Rupees three hundred only) each in subsequent bills.
  • The facility will be provided to those consumers who opt and give written request for the said facility.

Lump Sum Charges of Capital Cost for 3 Phase General Connections A1 & A-2

iLength of service line upto and including 40 metersRs.8000/-
iiLength of service line above 40 meters and upto and including 100 meters (with one span LT with Ant conductor and one pole / structure).Rs.8000/- Rs.140/-PLUS Per meter over and above 40 meters
iiiLength of service line above 100 meters and upto and including 160 meters (with two span LT with Ant conductor and two poles / structures).Rs.16400/- Rs. 220/-PLUS Per meter over and above 100 meters
ivLength of service line above 160 meters and upto and including 280 meters.Rs.29600/- Rs.250/-PLUS Per meter over and above 160 meters

Rate of Security Deposit

01Tariff A-1Amount of Security Deposit
a. Urban
b. Rural
Rs. 1220/= KW
Rs. 610/= KW
02Tariff A-2
a. Urban
b. Rural
Rs. 1810/= KW
Rs. 920/= KW
03Tariff B-1Rs. 1580/= KW
04Tariff B-2Rs. 2010/= KW
05Tariff B-3Rs. 2890/= KW
06Tariff B-4Rs. 3560/= KW
07Tariff C-1Rs. 1670/= KW
08Tariff C-2Rs. 2080/= KW
09Tariff C-3Rs. 2740/= KW
10Tariff D(49) Rs. 15000/= KW Lump Sum
11Tariff D(50) Rs. 15000/= KW Lump Sum
12Tariff FDouble the rates of regular Industrial tariff
13Tariff GRs. 3240/= KW
14Tariff HRs. 1560/= KW
15Tariff IRs. 610/- KW
16Tariff-K (AJK) / (Rawat) Rs. 2570/- KW / 2900/- KW

You can also download the form by clicking the following link.

Download Application Form

You will require Acrobat Reader to read this form.