Mr. Muzaffar Ali Abbasi

Chief Executive Officer, HESCO

"People First!"

This would be my motto, guiding light, and my path towards change. People, my employees and customers, would be my priority, first and foremost.

My role as CEO HESCO would be to help employees grow in career, prosper in life, and feel pride in their job; and bring my customers into the fold of HESCO family by understanding their needs, addressing their issues, and redressing their grievances.

Focus Areas

  • Change:
    • Change the way you work.
  • Customer Focus:
    • Customer is our King.
    • Change the meaning of service delivery.
    • Personal bonding with the customer.
  • Employee Focus:
    • Employee Development and Career Growth.
    • Financial satisfaction.
  • Safe workplace:
    • Physical Safety.
    • Psychological Safety.
  • Ownership and Commitment:
    • Be committed with your job, Company and the customer.
    • Company gives you identity, own it.
  • Organizational Growth: