A premises is liable to be disconnected on the following grounds:

  • Consumer is a defaulter in making payments of the electricity bill(s);
  • Consumer is involved in theft of electricity;
  • Consumer illegally reconnects his electricity connection;
  • Consumer has extended his load beyond the sanctioned load.
  • Consumer has made a request for disconnection.
  • Consumer is involved in misuse of tariff or using electricity for purpose other than for which the connection was sanctioned, as explained at Clause 7.5.1.
  • Consumer has not submitted fresh bank guarantee within 30 days of expiry of the previous bank guarantee.


  • The consumer is bound to pay the electricity bill within due date as specified in the bill or with the late payment surcharge if paid after due date. The connection shall not be disconnected if any consumer fails to deposit the current month bill provided that there are no outstanding dues.
  • No connection must be disconnected on In case of non-payment of the previous month bill, DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall issue notice of clear seven days along with the second month bill to the defaulting consumer to either clear the outstanding dues with the second month bill or face disconnection. The notice may also be printedlstamped on the electricity bill.
  • No connection shall be disconnected on default of one month bill.
  • In case of non-receipt of payment and upon expiry of the due date given on the second month bill, the supply of the defaulting premises shall be disconnected. In such cases the disconnected supply shall not be reconnected or restored by DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) until full payment along with late payment surcharge or payment in installments (allowed by the DISCO) has been made by the consumer.
  • If the consumer fails to pay the bills of third month along with arrears of previous two months within due date given on the third month bill, DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall issue Equipment Removal Order (ERO) and remove the metering installation! material and shall allot permanently disconnected code. The electric supply will only be restored upon payment of all outstanding dues (in full or installments) and completion of other codal formalities given in reconnection policy. I-Iowever, if a DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) does not remove the equipment for its own ease, the consumer shall not be held responsible for theft of electricity or material, if any.
  • Power supply of the consumers who are allowed by DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) to make the payment in installments shall not be disconnected provided the consumer is making payment of the installments. However, if a consumer further defaults in making payment of installments, the power supply of such a consumer shall be disconnected without any further notice and shall only be restored after receipt of minimum 50% dues.
  • A premises where more than one connection exists in different names in different portions, and any of the consumer defaults in making payments, the other connections shall not be disconnected. Flowever, the DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall strictly keep the premises under observation that the defaulted portion shall not take supply from any other connection.
  • If more than one connection exists in the name of single owner and any of the connections defaults, and the DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) allots permanent disconnection code as per procedure, in such a case the DISCO may transfer the outstanding dues of the defaulting connection to the other running connection(s) of the same owner for recovery purposes.
  • Power supply of a defaulting consumer shall not be disconnected who has lodged a complaint/petition against any wrong billing or any dispute relating to the payment of electricity bill with NEPRA wherein restraining orders have been issued. However, the consumer will continue to pay current bills regularly.
  • If a consumer extends the existing load beyond the sanctioned load, a notice shall be issued to the consumer to apply for extension of load. The consumer shall apply for extension of load within fifteen days of the receipt of the notice. DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall disconnect the power supply if the consumer fails to apply for extension of load and completes other formalities.
  • If a consumer having independent 11 kV feeder becomes defaulter, the DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall allot permanent disconnection code and shall wait for the consumer for one (1) year for reconnection. If the consumer does not come forward for reconnection within one (1) year, the DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) shall issue notice to the consumer and wait for one month for the reply of the consumer. If the reply of the consumer is not received/ or the reply is unsatisfactory; the DISCO may utilize the feeder for provision of supply to other consumers after lapse of notice period. In such case, the DISCO shall work out the depreciated value of the 11kV feeder and adjust outstanding dues. The remaining amount, if any shall be reimbursed to the consumer after completion of coda! formalities.

    In case a consumer shifts to some other location or intends to get disconnected the supply due to any reason, the temporary disconnection of supply may be allowed on consumer request, for a maximum period of eleven months subject to the following:-

    • That the consumer has paid the final bill up to the day immediately preceding the intended date of request for temporary disconnection.
    • That exemption in payment of minimum/fixed charges will be admissible for the actual period of disconnection.
    • That no reconnection fees shall be charged if the consumer applies for reconnection within seven days after the expiry of disconnection period.
    • After the expiry of the period allowed for disconnection, the minimum/fixed charges will be applicable even if the consumer does not apply for reconnection and does not use electricity. In case the consumer defaults in payment of the future bills, the connection may be disconnected and equipment installed at the premises may be removed after service of notice as per disconnection procedure. Restoration of supply to such a premises shall also be governed as per the Reconnection Policy and payment of minimum! fixed charges will be admissible for entire period of disconnection.


    A consumer who intends to get the premises disconnected permanently shall apply to the concerned load sanctioning officer, who will arrange the final electricity bill from the Revenue Officer/AM (CS). After payment of final electricity bill, the load sanctioning officer will issue permanent disconnection order. Disconnection for consumers supply shall be effected through ERO to avoid misuse of electricity after permanent disconnection. The permanently disconnected consumer will not be responsible for misuse of electric supply from the facility if not removed by DISCO (DISCO to insert its name) after permanent disconnection.